How to use original Xbox controller on Xbox One

I’m personally not a fan of the Xbox One controller. It’s small and the thumbsticks are loose. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the original Xbox controller (Controller S or Duke) with the Xbox One. Perfect for a true feel on Halo MCC.

There are two ways to get the original Xbox controller working on the Xbox One. Option 1 will require three adapters. In my experience, its success depends controller to controller. Option 2 is slightly more reliable, but it requires you to route through a computer. It uses two adapters.

Option 1: Three Adapters

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to get the original Xbox controller to talk to the Xbox One. Using a few adapters available online, we can get that to happen.

Adapter 1: Xbox to PS2

The first adapter you need is Xbox to PS2. We need to work our way up a few generations of consoles. These are pretty difficult to find, but I used the Joybox XP from ebay found here. It’s about $8 with shipping. I believe there is also a Mayflash version, but I have not tested it. If you have trouble finding this adapter, I recommend Option 2.

Adapter 2: PS2 to Xbox 360

The second adapter you need is PS2 to Xbox 360 (or PS3). These are pretty easy to find. The adapter I used can be found here, but you may be able to find a better deal. Another $8 for this one.

Adapter 3: Xbox 360 to Xbox One (Titan One)

The final adapter will be your most expensive purchase. To use your controller with the current generation of consoles, the only option available is the cross-platform Titan One. The Titan One adapter is essentially a mini computer in a USB stick that can translate to and from current and last generation consoles. This adapter is about $60 and can be found here.

After you have all three adapters, simply link them together with your Xbox controller. That is, Xbox controller to Adapter 1 (Xbox-to-PS2), Adapter 1 to Adapter 2 (PS2-to-Xbox 360), Adapter 2 to Adapter 3 (Titan One), and Adapter 3 to Xbox One. Also take note, in order to get your Xbox One to recognize your controller, first plug your Xbox One controller into the Titan One, wait for a ‘0’ message, then swap to your Xbox controller/adapter setup. Read the Titan One instructions for more information.

There are also many extra options you can look into with the Titan One. Macros can be programmed in the adapter (say for button combinations), you can add some logic to increase/decrease the deadzone, or whatever else you may think of. For example, I added a button combination (black and white buttons) to trigger the “Xbox button” that doesn’t exist on the original Xbox controller.


Option 2: Two Adapters (and your computer)

If you have trouble finding all three adapters required for Option 1, have any problems, or just want to save a few bucks, try Option 2. Here we first require two adapters.

Adapter 1: Xbox to USB

The first adapter we need is to connect the Xbox controller to your computer. This one from Amazon worked fine for me. It’s about $10 with shipping.

Adapter 2: Titan One

Like Option 1, here we also need the Titan One (found here for about $60). The Titan One translates across current and last generation consoles, but it also can translate from computer to console. This option is mainly used for mouse and keyboard, but can be adapted for joystick use as well.

Xbox to PC Driver

After you acquire both adapters, you need to set your computer up to recognize the original Xbox controller as a joystick. This is the tricky part and depends on your OS. If you have Windows XP, I think you can simply download and install the driver (see next paragraph). Otherwise, we will need to disable signature enforcement to allow the driver to install correctly.

If you’re on Windows 7 or 8, press windows key, type “Advanced Startup”, go to “Advanced Startup Options” and select “Restart now” under the “Advanced Startup” section. Next select “Troubleshoot”->”Advanced Options”->”Startup Settings”->”Restart”. Finally press “7” to “Disable driver signature enforcement”. This will allow us to install the driver.

adv startup

Next download the Xbox controller driver (XBCD). Go ahead and install it with the default settings. Now plug in your Xbox controller using the USB adapter. Go to Device Manager (windows key->”device manager”) and find the controller. It’s probably under “Other devices”->”Unknown device”, or under “Human Interface Devices”. Unplug and replug the controller to find where it pops up. Now, double click the device and go to “Update driver”->”Browse my computer for driver software”->”Browse”->”C:\Program Files (x86)\XBCD\Driver” (or wherever your install location was).

Click next and it should find the driver and give you a warning about being unable to verify the publisher. Click “Install this driver software anyway”. We’re getting closer!

Next, we need to download the software for the Titan One adapter. This is called Gtuner Pro, found here. Install this and open the application. Go to “Tools”->”Plugin Manager”, and install “MaxAim DI”.


Now make sure both the Titan One and Xbox controller are connected to your computer (the Titan One needs to be connected with the “PCPROG” port). Open MaxAim DI by going to the “Plugins” toolbar. Select “Direct Input”->”DI Settings” and choose the XBCD Xbox controller under the pull down menu. Capture the layout by creating a new empty layout “File”->”New Empty Layout” and changing the controller to Xbox One with “Layout Options”->”Controller”->”Xbox One”. Finally, right click on each button on the layout, select “Direct Input Catch”, and press the corresponding button on the Xbox controller. Save the layout.

xbox controller capture

Plug the Titan One adapter into the Xbox, while leaving the “PCPROG” connected to your computer and the Xbox controller also connected to the computer. Plug an Xbox One controller into the Titan One to authenticate, wait for ‘0’, and unplug. Leave the back port of the Titan One empty. Now your original Xbox controller can now be used to control the Xbox One!

Because the driver is not digitally signed, it will stop working when you restart the computer. If this happens, follow the previous directions (“Advanced Startup Options” and select “Restart now” under the “Advanced Startup” section. Next select “Troubleshoot”->”Advanced Options”->”Startup Settings”->”Restart”. Press “7” to “Disable driver signature enforcement”) and the driver will work again. Alternatively, follow this guide to digitally sign the driver.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Update 10/30/2015

A few months ago Microsoft sent an update to the Xbox One that made the connection of the Titan One a little tricky. Essentially, when the Xbox One controller is validated and disconnected from the console, it tries to reconnect. This negates the original validation. Adding this macro to your Titan One will force the Xbox One controller to turn off when you press the “A” button. If you do it before it’s unplugged from the adapter (and swap with original Xbox controller), it won’t try to reconnect and screw up the validation.

main {
if(event_press(XB1_A)) {

You can check out the Titan One forums for more information. If you made it this far, it’s a pretty simple fix.

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  1. Haven’t tried it with 10 yet or 8 ever, (will likely try it with 10 before submitting this and not edit out the disclaimer that I hadn’t, but will add the results) but Mayflash provide a signed driver I know works on Windows 7, if you go to their site and download the driver for PC018 Super Joy Box 9 PC019 Super Joy Box 10 PC020 Super Joy Box 11 (currently second page under support-> download for me) that’ll work on 7 for Dukes at least, had to manually assign the driver to my S controller, not sure if they gave different IDs to different color ones or something or what, but it worked after doing the assignment. Defaults to digital mode, have to go into gamepad settings and switch it to analog to get it to work to the full extent, but other than that works fine.

    I was able to install the driver and assign it to the device on 10 at the very least, but after that was not able to get the one computer I currently have on 10 to see that the controller was plugged in for whatever reason, not sure if that’s overall a good sign or a bad sign, will likely test again whenever I get around to updating another computer

  2. The exact opposite sounds way cooler. I wish you could play Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers as well as third-party Xbox 360/One controllers on the Original Xbox just like how you can play PS3/PS4 controllers on the PS2 or PS1. I’m asking for this wish because I have a couple of Fighting Games on my Xbox like KoF, SSV, CvS2, GG and SvC Chaos. And I really want to use the RAPVK (Already have RAP4K on my PS3/PS4 and it’s blue because it’s my favourite colour) and the FC (not Famicom, Fighting Commander) for Xbox One controller which looks like a Sega Saturn controller (I have already on PS3/PS4) by HORI (my favourite company btw) so I could play one of my favourite fighters on the Xbox which also makes SvC Chaos a lot easier which is hard to play with a standard controller. I wish for the same thing for Nintendo to play Wii U/Switch controllers as well as third party on the GameCube and Wii via classic adapter on its remote.

  3. There is an Adapter already for Xbox One which is the PS2 to Xbox One Super Converter. I wish there was an Adapter by Brook which had to do with the Original Xbox. Honest to god, I prefer the exact opposite because it sounds cooler (Newer controllers on older hardware = better than Older controllers on newer hardware, but I still like that though). I want to use Xbox 360/One controllers on the Original Xbox, anyone else? I’ve seen this NOWHERE on the Internet. Here is how you would do it unless if a company like Brook decides to do an Xbox 360/Xbox One to Xbox (ORIGINAL, NOT TO CONFUSE ANYBODY) Adapter (though I think to myself using a Sega Saturn to PS3 Adapter, maybe the exact opposite, I think one exists, maybe even Dreamcast, maybe even have one working on PS4 to play Odin Sphere because it’s like Guardian Heroes and Princess Crown for Sega Saturn in a way, maybe even have a Sega Saturn for Nintendo Switch to play Dragon: Marked for Death, Inti Creates must really be learning from Vanillaware, aren’t they? Anyways, I would like a Fighting a Commander for Nintendo Switch, like one by HORI or a PDP Fight Pad for NS [why the fuck did PDP call their GameCube-esque controllers for Wii U “Fightpad”? It doesn’t look like a FG controller at all, a real fighting game controller has 6 buttons and a D-pad or microswitch circle pad perfect for fighters not like the one on 3DS, but on the Neo Geo CD and Neo Geo Pocket, asides Arcade Sticks] or whatever company will do it). Forgive me for going off topic but it had to be said. Anyways, I would love to be using an Xbox 360/Xbox One controller on the Original Xbox (like the RAPVKAI) so that I could play the Xbox version of CvS2, SvC Chaos or Guilty Gear X2 or King of Fighters 2002/2003 (as well as Neowave) or Samurai Shodown V. Here is what I believe needs to be done:
    First step: Buy a Brook Super Converter for PS2 that allows PS3/PS4 controllers to be used with it. I got one for Christmas from my uncle, he bought one off of Amazon for about $50.
    Second step: Buy a PS2 to Xbox Adapter. Just bought one off of eBay for $10 and now I am waiting for it to come in. Plug in the Brook Super Converter PS3/PS4 to PS2/PS1 Adapter and basically you are playing PS3/PS4 controllers on the Original Xbox, but if you want to play Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers, it’s in the next step.
    Third step: Buy the Brook Super Converter Xbox 360/Xbox One to PS4 Adapter as I highly recommend it over just the Xbox 360 or Xbox One alone to PS4 Adapter and an Xbox 360 or Xbox One to PS3 Adapter (it would be even better if there was an Xbox 360/Xbox One to PS3/PS4 Adapter).
    Fourth and final step: Plug in your Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller into the X360/XONE to PS4 or PS3 Adapter and enjoy!

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